How to hide love bites? after knowing the getting rid secrets and home remedies, if you are going out in a party especially a family party and you don’t have time to use the remedies, you can still manage to attend the party by hiding the love bites under few tips.

Though it gets difficult to overcome with the spots, still you can try hard to hide them. Here are few tips that will help you.


  • The first tip to mention is apply a concealer but this will alone not allow hiding. You are suggested to allow a yellow based concealer that exactly gets blended with the skin tone and on the top apply the foundation to give the finishing touch to make it look natural and the love bites can be hided through this.
  • The other tip to hide the hickey is covering it with a scarf. How pride lean post also best. In case you are running short of time and want to cover the love bites, you can use this useful tip. It not only helps to hide but also looks trendy.
  • The other secret tip to hide is using ice. Yes, apply some ice on the affected area of the skin and along with it dap a towel or cloth. If you are not comfortable to apply directly, you can put some pieces of ice in a small napkin or towel and dap on the spotted part. This will help to reduce the swelling of the spots.
  • In order to cover a bruise, you can also wear a turtleneck top. If its winter time, it will have two advantages, as one way you can cover the bruises and on the other side the top turtleneck top helps you to keep warm.
  • Apart from the tip of applying ice, you can also apply heat and massage the affected spot area. The heat should be bearable enough and do not avoid applying heat for 2 days from the spot has occurred. Gently apply the heat on the area and massage allowing the skin to break the capillary vessels and reduce the spot.
  • Here comes the other tip. Use a warm teabag to hide the bruise as it can also be a good substitute for using a heating technique. Apply the warm teabag on the area and let it be for few minutes and then gently massage. This will be helpful.

How to Talk to your Girlfriend

The relationship is the most important aspect of anyone’s life and relationship’s dynamics changes with the phase of life. One of the very beautiful relations is the one with Girlfriend and Boyfriend. You can do dirty questions but not direct.

Those who are getting into such relationship will certainly go to like this page as we will be discussing that “how to talk to your girlfriend” so that the essence remain as it is.

On Schedule: This is the first condition to have the conversation ongoing. You have to work your timing as per her so that she remains at ease and in no hurry. This will give both of you a quality chatting while you understand each other and without hampering your daily work. Try not to bother her or make her pick amongst you and her companions or family. Call after dramatization club, soccer rehearses, her day of work at the café, or family supper.

Texting: Prefer to text before you need to have a talk. This will raise your point before her and she will also plan her timing accordingly. Also, messaging in between the day is a good idea. You can send an appreciation or simply what you are doing at that moment or simply a hello will do. Do not bother her much with your messages or long SMS. Keep it short.

A Complete Attention: Do not forget that she needs your complete attention even while you are on phone speaking to her. Your girlfriend should feel that you are completely engrossed with her while talking.

Look for Privacy: A Girl never prefers to be open on chat when she realizes eyes of people on her. Try to find out a place where there is no such botheration so that she can speak up openly. When you are on phone do not put her on speaker without her consent, especially when you are with your other friends.

Exciting Beginning with decency: Always try to begin the chat with hearty welcome words; like Hey, Sweetheart, my Lady etc. Keep your voice modulation in tune with those encouraging words and see the wonders with her liveliness.

Converse at ease: Remember the thumb rule to warm up which needs an easygoing discussion. Small chat makes a feeling of association as individuals become more acquainted with each other. Indeed, an even shallow discussion can be significant in new connections. Stick to simple points that will comfort her like a topic of her interest, TV serials, games etc.

Complimenting: Never ever forget to compliment her. Make her know that she is good at conversing. It makes you feel relaxed when you speak with her. It should not feel that you are doing it overly. The compliment has to look natural.

Be a good listener: When you really want someone’s company you have to listen to her properly and give all your ears and time. Show your interest while asking to know more. You will definitely increase your number in front of her. Let her know she is unique and you value her discussion.

A Good Bye Smile: The end of a conversation matters a lot. So, end up with a nice smile and soothing words.

Basic Mobile Phones under 1500

This is modern world and many people have started using latest mobile devices and android smart phones are mostly used all over the world. But in Indian still most of the people are using basic mobile phone in order to make calls and messages on daily basis.

If you are one of those people who are looking for some basic phones with basic features such as FM player, then this article will be helpful for you. After doing a lot of research over this topic, we found several useful suggestions and going to share with you in this article below. So without wasting anytime, let’s get started to our main topic.

If you are one of those person who is looking for good feature based basic phone in India then you should need to check out the list of mobile phones shared below for getting ideas so after that you decided which one you should need to buy for your daily use. I am pretty sure that you will find this list useful and let’s have a look at this collection mentioned below:

Top Basic Mobile Phones under 1500

Samsung E1207

Samsung E1207 is on the top of list of basic mobile phones that you can buy for just Rs 1340. The main features of this phone are shared below:

mobile phone

  • Preloaded games
  • SMS Memory (500 only)
  • Phone Book memory (1000 only)
  • 800Mah Battery
  • Anti-dust keypad

And many more other features that a basic mobile phone consist of…

Karbonn K121

Karbonn K 121 is another best mobile device to buy this year under 1500 and there are a lot of useful features of Karbonn K 121 that you will surely be going to like.

  • Dual sim
  • 1800 mAH battery
  • 108 inch display
  • FM radio with recording
  • Supports memory card up to 8GB
  • 3 Megapixel camera

List of mobile phones to buy under 1500 in 2015

There are some other suggestions which we found online while looking for suggestion of mobile devices under Rs 1500. If you want to know about all of these mobiles, then you should need to check out the list that is shared below and make sure that you don’t miss any of these mobile phones that you can easily buy for less than Rs 1500 in 2015.

  • INTEX Mega 9
  • MAXX WOW MX501
  • BQ K26
  • GFIVE W8
  • LAVA L661

In this modern world, it is need of every person to utilize mobile phones for making calls and text messaging on daily basis. The above collection will surely help you in deciding the best basic phone less than 1500 in India and then start using it. Now it’s time for you to take action and buy best basic phone for yourself. If you liked this collection of basic phones, it will be great to share this list with your friends.

Why your computers run slower know how to fix

Before getting started, you must know what CPU priority means.  CPU priority, as the name sums it up is the priority allotted by the CPU to the running processes in the foreground. The process that gets more CPU time will run at good speed followed by the processes that gets less CPU time.

Sometimes we may face problems with the CPU priority as the process you want to run fast for example a web browser may load so because of the less CPU time.  At such times, you can set the CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

The CPU priority is shared by both foreground background processes.   With the increase of number of applications the CPU is handling at a time, the time that is allotted for each application to run declines.

  prefer foreground apps

Most likely, the time will be allotted between the applications evenly or else particular application could get more time slice compared to other applications which will be allotted with leftover time.

The application that wins more CPU time will be run at faster speed than other applications that were left with the remaining time.  If you want the foreground apps to run faster, you need to set CPU priority in such a way that they are given more time by the CPU.  We have mentioned below simple steps on how to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

Here we are discussing two major ways to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

Fix computers run slower

You need to start by signing in to your any Windows version with administer rights.

Step 1

Press Windows + X that opens Quick Access menu.  In the Access Menu find Control Panel and click on it.

Step 2

In the Control Panel, click on System and Security and click on “System” in System and Security widow.

Control Panel

Step 3

In the window opened click on the Advanced system settings present in the left side panel.  This opens a new window System Properties.

Step 4

In System Properties window, click on Advanced tab and click Settings under Performance.

Step 5

This opens Performance Options in which you need to click on Advanced tab again and check Programs to ‘Adjust for best performance of programs’ and click on Apply and OK.

Most of the times, this option is set by default.

Your CPU run slower try this one

Step 1

Go to Start Menu, open run and input regedit and press enter.  This opens Registry Editor.

input regedit

Step 2

In the registry editor, navigate to the following registry key in the Registry Editor.



Step 3

In the registry, change value of Win32PrioritySeparation to make CPU priority prefer foreground apps.

To change the value, double click on Win32PrioritySeperation field in the Registry Editor and enter the value data 2.  You can also change the value date of the foregrounds app to perform better.  The value to be updated is 26.

Email signature can help to increase Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge sell

Famed tipster Evan Blass has dropped out a small piece of details that could be the cause why Samsung did not proclaim a solitary Smartphone at CES 2016. The leaker has tilted his admirers in a tweet condition that the flagship Galaxy S7 models may really be launched at the similar occasion this year.

The start on of the smart phones is normal to obtain position in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC). The Latest email signature reports says that the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge and S7 edge+ are all usual to be commenced on the similar day, at the identical time, as contrasting to two divide opens in 2015.

email signature can help

Seems approximating all 3 smart phones may approach with the similar hardware, with the only differentiator being the show amount and shape thing.

The criterion S7 is ordinary to group in a flat show, while the S7 edge and the edge+ are accepted to set in a dual-edged curled exhibit. According to the reports so far, all the three modifications are accepted to sport a Quad HD declaration.

As for the internals of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its siblings, they are accepted to make use of chipsets approaching from equally Samsung and Qualcomm.

The Samsung chipset in query is the Exynos 8890, at the same time as the Qualcomm deviations would bunch in the Snapdragon 820 chipset. It was freshly exposed that it is Samsung themselves, who would be construction the chipsets for Qualcomm.

Samsung S7 edge Features:

· 4 GB ram

· 64 bit processor

· 32/64 and 128 GB memory

· 30 megapixels camera

· Super Amoled display

· Waterproof Technology

· 5G connection

· Infrared senors

· India price: Rs 68,500

Successful Business depend on Out of office message’s Quality

Asus ZenFone Max the latest of the ZenFone series priced at Rs. 9999 /- has been revealed in India start of this month was now available for the people of India right from Friday. As per the reports, the smart phone will go on sales both in online and offline through retailers.

The smart phone already went on for pre-order through online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. The Taiwanese company has also assured to sell this ZenFone Max through the retail out of office message channels, offline which also includes the exclusive stores of Asus. All the features and the highlights of this smart phone are as follows.

CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground

out of office message example

Highlight of ZenFone Max

The main highlight of this smart phone is its 5000 mAh Battery which the company says that it can work as a power bank for other devices too. But, the battery that was present in this handset is non-removable.

As per the company, this smart phone can deliver nearly 914 hours of standby time and nearly 38 hours of talk time.

Though there are many smart phones that come up with similar battery power, they are costlier than ZenFone Max. So, this phone stands up of all those mobiles.

Specifications of ZenFone Max

ZenFone Max features a 5.5-inch HD display with 720×1280 pixels IPS screen. This smart phone runs on ZenUI 2.0 based Android 5.0 Lollipop. ZenFone Max is powered up with quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor that is clocked at 1GHz along with 2GB of RAM.

The storage capacity that this handset comes with is 16GB built-in storage and it can also be expanded up to 64GB through a MicroSD card. The smart phone looks similar to other smart phones in ZenFone series in India that supports Indian LTE bands.

This smart phone has dual slots for SIM. It has 13-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash and 5 MP front facing camera. It too had other connectivity’s such as 3G, GPS etc.

Google is Shutting Down Picasa from 1st May 2017

Google on Friday declared that the Picasa Web albums has been shutting down from 01st May 2016, Picasa to move its center to the new Google Photos administration dispatched in the last year , that is in May 2015. After the most used Photo platform Picasa has been  Good Night wallpaper closed, people will be having access to Google Photos. The existing photos, videos of Picasa can be transferred to Google Photos.

Google is Shutting Down Picasa from 1st May 2017

“We believe we can create a much better experience by focusing on one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our efforts across two different products,” Google Photos chief Anil Sabharwal said in an interview.

The Picasa Access will be provided to people who are not interested to shift to Google Photos

Those wishing not to move to the new administration will in any case have the capacity to see, download or delete photographs in Picasa collections, yet the product won’t be upgraded and including pictures won’t be an option.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this transition causes, but we want to assure you that we are doing this with the aim of providing the best photos experience possible,” Sabharwal said.

“Google Photos is a new and smarter product.” He added.

The Google has recently updated the Google Photos as part of the decision to wind off Picasa web albums. People can share pictures, videos on various social networking websites from Google Photos platform. This implies they can make collections synergistic and people who get the common collection can join in and include their own photographs and videos. Also the users get notices when new pictures are included and spare photographs/videos from a common collection to the Google Photos library.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM had launched at Rs. 51,400 with images

Finally, Samsung Company has revealed the dual-SIM variation of the Galaxy Note 5 tablet in India. This will be available at the Price of Rs.51, 400. It is now available to buy through the Samsung India’s estore. This is available with 32GB inbuilt storage.

It is now available for the price Rs. 47,900 for the 32GB only and with Rs. 53,900 for the 64GB model through estore. Last year, this was first launched in the Asian countries like Philippines as well as Malaysia in the month of August but it was the single Model one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM had launched at Rs. 51,400

Now, this has come with Dual Sim which will be centre of attraction for the people those who want to buy a new model. People those are interested to buy can buy only through free movie streaming the Samsung estores.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note5 Dual SIM

This mobile is with two nano SIM card slots but this are not as the hybrid SIM card slots. The second sim slot can be used as the micro SD expansion slot.

This is with the 5.7-inch Quad HD (2560×1440 pixels) (518ppi) Super AMOLED curved dual edge display and also with Octa-Core (Quad 2.1GHz + Quad 1.5GHz) 64 bit, 14nm Exynos 7420 processor. You can send good night images using this mobile very easily. It has 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 32GB / 64 GB internal memories for the storage purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM has Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop). It has 16MP rear camera with LED Flash, OIS, f/1.9 aperture, 4K (UHD) video recording and with 5MP front-facing camera, f/1.9 aperture. The Dimensions of this tablet is 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6mm, Weight: 171g Heart rate sensor, Fingerprint sensor one.

It has the 4G LTE / 3G HSPA+, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2X2 MIMO), Bluetooth 4.2 LE, ANT+, NFC. Battery charge is 3000mAh battery, Fast Charging (wired as well as wireless).  So lets wait to know more features of this smartphone, Hope you all are waiting for this.

LeEco to set up 555 service centers

Earlier the successful launch of its two super phones, LeMax as well as Le1’s. Today, LeEco has announced that it will open 555 service centers. It is to cover the 300 hubs of the country.

This LeEco is the first Indian smartphone brand that is with a Global pioneering internet and also the technology company. It is the brand that to enter the Indian Market with the wide spread that is after the sales network.

LeEco to set up 555 service centers

It offers 24X7 toll free services

This 555 service centers will be available for 24X7 toll free. It will provide the 10 languages that include English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, as well as Telugu. There is ensuring that the users get the most experience as well as the world class service even after the sale.

Even after the damage, this brand is offering the free pick up as well as drop for this Super Premium Phone that is Le Max. Now, LeEco has set the new standard in the mobile phone in the customer service domain. The brand is also planning very insistently to expand its footprint in the India.

Atul Jain Says

It is the constant make an effort to provide the users with all the senior products. LeEco Indian CEO, Atul Jain has said that the content that is included with ecosystems. All the users will ensure everything on the devices that is united as well as exceptional.

Atul Jain has said that they were very excited about this launch in India. They are looking more forward to the long term association with all the consumers in the market.

The team is very confident to interrupt the market with all the innovative products that are at the valuable prices only.

Moto X Force ‘Shatterproof’ Phone to launch in India Today

Now, the Motorola is ready to launch its Moto X Force ‘shatterproof’ in India. It was launched in UK with the price tag of GBP that is around Rs 49,900 and it is with 32 GB variation. It is around Rs 53,400 for the 64 GB variant. The price of this phone will also be same in India as well.

The main or important highlight of the Moto X Force is the international alternative of the Droid Turbo 2 for the Verizon Wireless. It is with ‘ShatterShield’ display. Last year in the month of October, the company has said that the display of the phone is made of aluminium rigid core, dual-layer touch screen panels as well as flexible Amoled screen.

Moto X Force ‘Shatterproof’ Phone to launch in India Today

Highlights of the mobile

This mobile comes with water-disgusting the nano coating. It is made by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core SoC that is clocked at 2GHz with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. It supports the expandable storage option through microSD card that is up to 2TB. This predictable ‘shatterproof’ phone was listed out by the third party retailer.

The mobile is available in the Flipkart only. This Smartphone comes with single-SIM with 4G LTE (Cat. 4), Wi-Fi 802.11ac and also with other standard connectivity options. It would never break into pieces even it is dropped from the height.


This latest mobile of Motorola is with Android 5.1.1 lollipop. It only supports single sim with 4G LTE and also other standard connectivity phones. The display of the phone is 5-40 inches. The Processor of the mobile is 2 GHZ. The front camera of the mobile is 5- megapixel. The resolution of the mobile is 1440×2560 pixels.

It is with 3 GB RAM. It is with 32 GB storage. It has 21 megapixel of the rear camera. The Battery capacity is 3760mAh.