How to hide love bites? after knowing the getting rid secrets and home remedies, if you are going out in a party especially a family party and you don’t have time to use the remedies, you can still manage to attend the party by hiding the love bites under few tips.

Though it gets difficult to overcome with the spots, still you can try hard to hide them. Here are few tips that will help you.


  • The first tip to mention is apply a concealer but this will alone not allow hiding. You are suggested to allow a yellow based concealer that exactly gets blended with the skin tone and on the top apply the foundation to give the finishing touch to make it look natural and the love bites can be hided through this.
  • The other tip to hide the hickey is covering it with a scarf. How pride lean post also best. In case you are running short of time and want to cover the love bites, you can use this useful tip. It not only helps to hide but also looks trendy.
  • The other secret tip to hide is using ice. Yes, apply some ice on the affected area of the skin and along with it dap a towel or cloth. If you are not comfortable to apply directly, you can put some pieces of ice in a small napkin or towel and dap on the spotted part. This will help to reduce the swelling of the spots.
  • In order to cover a bruise, you can also wear a turtleneck top. If its winter time, it will have two advantages, as one way you can cover the bruises and on the other side the top turtleneck top helps you to keep warm.
  • Apart from the tip of applying ice, you can also apply heat and massage the affected spot area. The heat should be bearable enough and do not avoid applying heat for 2 days from the spot has occurred. Gently apply the heat on the area and massage allowing the skin to break the capillary vessels and reduce the spot.
  • Here comes the other tip. Use a warm teabag to hide the bruise as it can also be a good substitute for using a heating technique. Apply the warm teabag on the area and let it be for few minutes and then gently massage. This will be helpful.