Why your computers run slower know how to fix

Before getting started, you must know what CPU priority means.  CPU priority, as the name sums it up is the priority allotted by the CPU to the running processes in the foreground. The process that gets more CPU time will run at good speed followed by the processes that gets less CPU time.

Sometimes we may face problems with the CPU priority as the process you want to run fast for example a web browser may load so because of the less CPU time.  At such times, you can set the CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

The CPU priority is shared by both foreground background processes.   With the increase of number of applications the CPU is handling at a time, the time that is allotted for each application to run declines.

  prefer foreground apps

Most likely, the time will be allotted between the applications evenly or else particular application could get more time slice compared to other applications which will be allotted with leftover time.

The application that wins more CPU time will be run at faster speed than other applications that were left with the remaining time.  If you want the foreground apps to run faster, you need to set CPU priority in such a way that they are given more time by the CPU.  We have mentioned below simple steps on how to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

Here we are discussing two major ways to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps.

Fix computers run slower

You need to start by signing in to your any Windows version with administer rights.

Step 1

Press Windows + X that opens Quick Access menu.  In the Access Menu find Control Panel and click on it.

Step 2

In the Control Panel, click on System and Security and click on “System” in System and Security widow.

Control Panel

Step 3

In the window opened click on the Advanced system settings present in the left side panel.  This opens a new window System Properties.

Step 4

In System Properties window, click on Advanced tab and click Settings under Performance.

Step 5

This opens Performance Options in which you need to click on Advanced tab again and check Programs to ‘Adjust for best performance of programs’ and click on Apply and OK.

Most of the times, this option is set by default.

Your CPU run slower try this one

Step 1

Go to Start Menu, open run and input regedit and press enter.  This opens Registry Editor.

input regedit

Step 2

In the registry editor, navigate to the following registry key in the Registry Editor.



Step 3

In the registry, change value of Win32PrioritySeparation to make CPU priority prefer foreground apps.

To change the value, double click on Win32PrioritySeperation field in the Registry Editor and enter the value data 2.  You can also change the value date of the foregrounds app to perform better.  The value to be updated is 26.